that fashion show…

So, there’s that little thing called the VS Fashion Show tonight that usually sparks a variety of reactions. It’s understandable when you have a slew of attractive women in lingerie stomping down a runway with pop tunes in the background. Reactions land everywhere and in between outrage, love, jealousy, hate, shame, and shade. For me, I enjoy it for the makeup, the flawless wave-curl, and pretending I could rock such extravagant wings. Seriously, I need a pair for no reason at all. Where would I even wear them?

I could get into the whole debate about beauty standards, unattainable goals, and the small percentage of women who naturally look like the angels…and I will. But, only because I think those things are worth mentioning. I’ve said it before, I could never be a kid growing up nowadays. I’m happy I had the 90’s. Those were some good years. Today’s standards of beauty seem so unachievable, even with movements showcasing beauty in all sizes, the idea of ‘thin beauty’ still exists, and can be seen right on the VS stage. It must send a mixed message to a young girl when she sees these gorgeous women, but then hears that they’re ‘not real’.

It’s such a touchy subject because you have so many opinions, fears, and objections thrown around all at once. I was a stick thin girl growing up, always being told I had to put meat on my bones, being accused of having eating disorders (did they not understand my love of cheetos?!), and having to deal with body image troubles. Now, when I sometimes tell my story, I get hit with ‘sooo, you were still thin’ because thin was, and still is, considered desirable. My case does not stand out, nor is it above anyone else’s, but the sad thing is that we all have cases. We have all struggled. Yet, we accuse each other and judge each other, when we’re all really in the same boat. Or sinking ship. Either way, there’s a hole there. We’re basically saying the same things, just in different shapes and sizes. What sucks is that society and media are telling us otherwise. We can’t win.

And it can’t be easy seeing those bronzed beauties glide across our screens. But, maybe we should take a step back, judgment aside, and take it for what it’s worth. There is beauty there. There are real women there.  And those wings.


netflix and chill…

I hate when sayings become really common, like when I’m reading the news buzzfeed, and realize I have no idea what it’s talking about. I’m always reminded of my age when I have to ask children what certain sayings mean. Don’t even get me started on trying to decipher what on fleek meant. My latest struggle: Netflix and chill. Wtf?

I’ll be honest. I only recently discovered Netflix. In what world was I living in? Well, one where I found pirated copies of movies and tv shows on websites while also dealing with ad/possible virus pop-ups that must be closed out quickly or death. Please don’t come for me, FBI. Little did I realize the gem that literally everyone else had already been using. Oh, I want to watch a show from ten years ago? Netflix has it. Oh, I missed the final episodes of this new show last season? Netflix already has it. Oh, I want to watch some random movie that just scrolled across the screen. Boom, Netflix.

But, now we’ve added the word chill. Is this like I’m sitting alone on the couch with my wine kind of chill? Or does my future rescue cat sitting with me count too? Is this the kind of chill where I need a shawl or my nana’s afghan? Maybe those fleece socks that pill up all the time? What are we talking about here?

…Ok…I googled it. It’s kid code for hook up. If this is the same person who came up with ‘bae’ then I have some serious concerns.

the youtube generation.


I grew up when the internet was just becoming a thing. I fondly remember the dial up tone while I waited for the little yellow AOL man to run right. I taught myself HTML, and created a few Buffy websites, because I was that girl in middle school. But, times have changed. Teeny boppers will never struggle with trying to use the phone while someone’s ‘online’, or understand that the # symbol wasn’t created by Twitter. One thing that’s really stupid overwhelming, is that these kids videotape (which isn’t even the right word, man my old is showing) record themselves all of the time and then post it for the entire world to see. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my fair share of youtube videos: female comedians, beauty tips, CATS. But, now everyone seems to be trying to get their 15 seconds of internet fame by doing something stupid and sharing it. I’m looking at you, boot in the face train guy.

Sure, there’s a hint of jealousy there. Why did I bother going to college and getting a job for the past twelve years, if I could have quadrupled my salary just by posting videos of me ‘buying’ stuff? Or why should I spend my own money buying products when I could have a review channel and have the companies send me stuff for free? Which by the way, having a ten-year-old giving me makeup tips freaks me out. Mostly because they still have those small child eyebrows that aren’t fully developed so they just end up looking like sad little caterpillars? Is that just my thinking? Do you not pay attention to small child eyebrows?

I guess I’m just that old lady who doesn’t get the youtube generation. I tried taking a video of myself, it’s a weird thing that made me realize my entire face is crooked. Yea, I won’t even get into the cyber bullying these kids now have to deal with when they put themselves out there like that. See the: do you think I’m pretty videos. Can we go back to myspace or when facebook was exclusively for college students?

I should state that it’s not all bad. There are channels out there doing great things, creating change, and other cheese. I love that ‘look up’ video about not staring down at your phone for 24+ hours of your day. But, I guess that’s the beauty of the internet…you can watch what you want to watch, you talk with whoever you want to talk with, and trolls are no longer creepy dolls with jewels for bellybuttons.

Seriously, trolls.

music these days…

I’m the type of person who is constantly looking for new music because I get bored with what I have, mostly because I play my latest downloaded songs on repeat for about five weeks straight. My way of finding new stuff is to go on the top songs of itunes, listen to the snippet, and then illegally download it (shhh, who hasn’t?!). In the past year I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find ‘good’ new music. I may sound like an 80 year old here, but have you heard the crap that’s out there now?? Does taste mean nothing to ‘musicians’? Does autotune have to exist in every song? Do I have to hear a song I love be mutilated by a new artist? I suck at singing, I have zero musical abilities, but I’m sure if I alter my voice on the computer, make up a stupid song about cheetos, and post it to youtube with an even dumber video, I’d have a hit in three days. Ugh.

For me, 90s music is my jam. I’m talking everything from grunge to pop to boy band to hip hop and back again. Good stuff. Kids these days will never know good music like I did, though I’m sure every generation says this. I enjoy music from just about every decade up until this current one which is what, the 2010s, just the 10s, the 2K10s? I don’t know, but it’s awful. Also, there is this new thing called EDM which, as a huge hockey fan, I thought stood for Edmonton. I’m so out of touch.

Have a song suggestion for me? Leave it in the comments, I’d greatly appreciate anything new, as long as it isn’t Taylor Swift ohhhh I said it!

the facebook overshare.

According to the social media person at my work, young kids these days aren’t on facebook. They actually don’t even know what it is, or if they do, they say it’s for old people…a.k.a us. And I see what those kids mean by that.

What used to be a fun college site to creep on crushes, and find new ‘friends’ has turned into what I like to call the facebook overshare. Who wants to read about your medical history, uninformed opinions, and/or overly dramatic situations? All the cares are gone when I have to see a long, drawn out post about what you had for dinner. Status updates are now grammatically incorrect paragraphs about political, religious, and/or self-righteous views.

I find myself wanting to copy and paste ‘cool story bro, tell it again‘ on every awful status I see. And I don’t even use that phrase, but it seems appropriate. On facebook, everything is a big deal. You had to get your car fixed today and it was a hassle? Greeeat. You know there are people sick and dying out there, but oh no, your ‘bad day’ is a priority that you just had to share.

Have some perspective, adults. The kids are starting to look like intellectuals compared to us.