the work life.


Once you get into the swing of things around the office, you may find that there may be days of pure chaos. When you’re young and new to the workplace, you tend to get the short end of the stick. People seem to think ‘oh, let the new kid do it‘, and they know you’ll do it simply because you’re fortunate enough to even have that job. You’re eager to please with a real thirst for actual money either to pay off your student loans, or move out of your parents house…maybe even both.

With the work life, you’ll most likely be doing more for less. Apparently, that’s just the standard now for us millennials. At first, it’s all rose colored glasses, rainbows, peaches, and any other pastel colored cliche you can think of. You’ve landed the job, you’re ready to show people what you can do, the world is your oyster and not just one that you’ll eat on those fancy vacas you’re already planning. But, at some point, you’ll come down from that high, it’s inevitable really. Aggravations will happen. You’ll miss your college life. But, you’re a big kid now, and it’s time to do work.

Hey, we can’t all be young and stupid forever…or can we, Lohan?


the past you.

While sometimes it may not seem like it, we really have grown since our exit out of our teens. The amount of self-discovery over the years is quite evident. You know a hell of a lot more now than the past you.

For example; you now know that spending all of that money from your refund check back in college meant that you eventually had to pay it back with your own hard earned money, it wasn’t free like you thought. Or those incriminating, yet hilarious, photos that you loved to post online meant implications for future, professional, you. 10 year facebook movie, anyone?

You also now know that the people you put up with simply because they were your ‘friends’, are no longer in your life for good reasons. And that the ending to Lost still doesn’t make any sense. It would have been a lot easier knowing these things way back then, but that’s not really how life works is it?

Knowledge. See, I did learn something with six years of college and two degrees.

the budget.

In college, you got money from refund checks, and/or your parents, and/or a part-time job. During this time, frugality was commonplace. But, somehow, we made do. Kind of like a zombie apocalypse. We were scavengers. Trading for food, textbooks, clothing. It was a way of living that can take a while to leave your system. 

Nowadays, we may have full-time jobs with an actual salary, and yet we still refuse to buy things at full price. Maybe it’s because we’re still paying hundreds of dollars a month to student loan companies. But, we got an affordable education, riggght. We still need the budget.

Since I’m older, I’ve found that discount sections are my friends. I constantly buy things I don’t need because it’s on clearance. I go grocery shopping on a budget, trying to factor in how many leftovers I can get from one meal. And, I get excited for gifts like appliances, or free meals at work conferences. These are life skills I’m sure I acquired from those collegiate years. 

These may be troubling economic times, but I’m sure we’ll make it through. Double tap.