netflix and chill…

I hate when sayings become really common, like when I’m reading the news buzzfeed, and realize I have no idea what it’s talking about. I’m always reminded of my age when I have to ask children what certain sayings mean. Don’t even get me started on trying to decipher what on fleek meant. My latest struggle: Netflix and chill. Wtf?

I’ll be honest. I only recently discovered Netflix. In what world was I living in? Well, one where I found pirated copies of movies and tv shows on websites while also dealing with ad/possible virus pop-ups that must be closed out quickly or death. Please don’t come for me, FBI. Little did I realize the gem that literally everyone else had already been using. Oh, I want to watch a show from ten years ago? Netflix has it. Oh, I missed the final episodes of this new show last season? Netflix already has it. Oh, I want to watch some random movie that just scrolled across the screen. Boom, Netflix.

But, now we’ve added the word chill. Is this like I’m sitting alone on the couch with my wine kind of chill? Or does my future rescue cat sitting with me count too? Is this the kind of chill where I need a shawl or my nana’s afghan? Maybe those fleece socks that pill up all the time? What are we talking about here?

…Ok…I googled it. It’s kid code for hook up. If this is the same person who came up with ‘bae’ then I have some serious concerns.


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