the downlookers.

Yes, I just made that name up. One of my biggest pet peeves nowadays is people who don’t look up from their phone. I absolutely hate it. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned here before that I purposely get in the pathway of those who are staring down at their phones, just hoping that they bump into me, so I can glare and tell them to LOOK UP! No one has run into me yet, they’ve developed the ability to sense a person purposely standing in front of them. Or else there’s an app that detects it, I can’t be sure anymore.

As I was driving to work the other day, I was passing by the people waiting in the turn lane, almost all of them had their heads down staring at a phone. It was pretty sad. Technology can be fantastic and awful at the same time. Hey, I’m glad that I can get anywhere now thanks to GPS on my phone, but I loathe the fact that many people only have the capacity to communicate via text. I’m sure doctors are making bank on this trend with all of the carpal tunnel and neck/back issues.

What really gets me are the elementary kids who own smart phones. What could they possibly be texting about? Instagraming? Tweeting? What’s on the lunch order for the day? Johnny pushed them down at recess? Johnny is an ahole? Do kids still have recess? What is it?! I can’t help but shake my head every time I see a small child on an iphone. It’s such a stupidly absurd sight, and now, unfortunately, quite common.

We live in a different world these days. The downlookers have taken over. We have an epidemic.


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