when you find your old journals…

Last night I found my old livejournal site and proceeded to read the crazy thoughts of my eighteen-year-old self. I started the journal as a freshman in college and kept it running until a few years after I finished grad school. Looking back now, I was still a small child then even though I thought I was sooo old. I know I’ve written about what I would say if I could give advice to my younger self. But, good god, the things I wrote about: failing my sciences classes (completely realistic), obsessing and I mean obsessing over one guy (completely insane), and thinking everything in my life was the most important thing ever (completely obnoxious, also possible direct quote).

The great thing about writing everything down is that when you read it years later, you’re immediately taken back to that moment, those feelings, those thoughts. My writings really aide my nostalgia around this time of year, because I work at a college the nearing of graduation always takes me back.

Memories that have been dormant, come rushing back when you read your own words. It can be therapeutic but also cringe worthy, see all of my posts from 2004-2009. Yes, college was that long ago for me. Yes, I am that old. Yes, I’d love a do-over.

But, I’m now patting myself on the back for keeping all of that info documented. If you tend to live in the past like I do, those memories are everything.

I must have been a scribe in my other life. Or the person who invented cheese.


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