everything looks clearer…

Cross another item off my ‘before 30 the end is near‘ bucket list, I had my eyeballs lasered off last week. Or as normal people call it, LASIK eye surgery. I’ve been wearing glasses since the fourth grade, and contacts since the sixth. You know that picture frame that holds slots for your pictures from first grade to senior year of high school? That piece of art shows the progression of my eyeball deterioration, as well as my teeth realignment, thanks braces.

Now that I’m glasses and contacts free, I’ve come to realize how much of a major pain those things were just so that I could be able to see something. Even though glasses seem to be super in right now (thanks hipsters and/or ‘geeky’ girl selfies?), if you can’t see without them, then those things are obnoxious. They’re constantly getting dirty of finger smudgy. You have zero peripheral because those are legit blind spots. And you’re always pushing them back up on your nose Squints style.

As for contacts, every day you have to wake up and stick a finger in your eyeball. You’re always trying to figure out if the contact is taco shaped or else it’s flipped and won’t stay on. You’re squirming and wincing if the contact has crap all over it which is now in your eye. Once they’re in, sometimes they move if you rub your eyes. I’ve heard that a girl got a contact lost in her eye one time. LOST. Who knows where that thing could be now. You also have to spend a stupid amount of money on solution, and if your eye doc thinks you’re an idiot (mine) then he makes you buy the peroxide solution which is even more money and hassle.

The weirdest part of LASIK is waking up in the morning and being able to see. Since I’m still fresh to this world, I panic a little when I wake up, thinking I left my contacts in. My alarm clock also seems to be a bit too bright for me, until I realized it was on the last light setting before being completely off. I’m in a whole new world now. I also figured this would prepare me for the zombie apocalypse because when I watch The Walking Dead, I always wonder how people who are blind find enough contacts, or this may be TMI, but how many ladies personal hygiene products would last, what would I DO? This is where my mind goes.

Have you had LASIK?


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