bye february…

The shortest month of the year comes to a close this weekend. In Buffalo, it’s also been the coldest month on record. Seriously. Our average temperature was never above freezing for 28 days. And I’m over it. Usually, I hate being that person who complains about the weather. I get it, I choose to live here, it is winter after all, but no. I’m done. Even Tim Horton’s roll up the rim contest can’t save me now.

My skin is cracking in all the wrong places. My makeup shades are entering translucent territory. And my cabin fever is hitting a breaking point…PANCAKES! I could do the obvious Frozen joke here with all of those small children constantly singing Dazeem’s song, but I should be better than that. I huddle around a space heater for the majority of my work day. I layer sweaters on top of sweaters. I can’t remember the last time the sun hit my face.

March, here’s hoping we make a turnaround. Though, as a native western new yorker, my hopes are at about a 0, which also happens to be tonight’s low.

What’s your weather situation looking like where you live? Can it possibly get much worse?


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