that day is coming up…

If you couldn’t tell by all of the jewelry commercials, discounted chocolate, and inordinate amount of pink around you, Valentine’s Day is this weekend. As a single person, I have nothing against the day other than I can’t get a good deal on a meal for one. Other singles fret about ‘single awareness day’ and jump on or tinder to fill the void. Me? I remember all of the people I know who are miserable in their relationship and then feel oddly satisfied.

My only valentine was a kid in the first grade who anonymously wrote ‘I love u’ on a card to me. I remember how red my face got, and then the panic set in about figuring out who this mystery casanova was. Short story shorter, I never found out. But, I thank that child for introducing me early to the peculiarities of boys.

And then when you get older, single older, you sometimes wonder if one vday you’ll get a surprise thing of chocolates or flowers at your office. I actually don’t like sweets and can’t keep flowers alive, so my vision is more surprise tacos and dos equis. I’m not sure where that misguided dream came from, but it’s one that I’ve had for many years even though I’ve had no guy lined up who could possibly do such a thing. I blame the movies. Guys, have you ever sent surprise flowers to a lady interest? Better question, have you ever thought of sending surprise flowers to a lady interest?

Whatever your plans, just remember that there is someone out there in the world having a lousier time than you. Kidding…kind of. Enjoy!


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