another month closer…

January has come and gone in a way too blustery, arctic way. It is freezing in Buffalo, and we’re used to miserable and cold, so that’s saying a lot. At the beginning of the new year I talked about my countdown to thirty and learning to embrace the age. Luckily, to take my mind of the impending doom, a couple of my friends and I have decided to plan a summer vaca to Italy, Greece, and Morocco to finish out our twenties.

I like to travel. I like to see more of the world than western new york. It adds to my perspective that not everyone is an American idiot, sort of kidding, I’m sure you’re not one of those. I miss old Green Day.

Anyways, I’ve been to Europe twice before, once when I was 22 all wide-eyed and lost, and again when I was 27 all cool and cultured.  The first time I went to Wales, England, France, and Ireland. My mom told me to tell everyone I was Canadian because she was losing her mind that her only child would be across the pond free to be taken. Sidenote: the movie Taken came out after I left Paris, which was a good thing because I was the blonde one in our group of two who couldn’t speak French and always looked lost. But, everyone knew we were American just by looking at us.

The second time I spent two weeks in London, trying desperately to blend in with the peoples. I went with a group of college students, and they stuck out like a sore arm, yea, that much. I try to fit in so that a.) people don’t take advantage of me, two.) maybe someone would offer me a job and I’d just have to stay for life, and/or d.) I meet a guy because that’s supposed to happen in every city you go to, thanks for that one Mary-Kate and Ashley. (I am not ashamed to say that Winning London is a favorite of mine)

So, I need some adventure in my life. Also some sweet, sweet wine and Greek gods food.

Have you been to Italy, Greece, or Morocco? Do you have any travel tips to share?


6 thoughts on “another month closer…

  1. Into the mild says:

    I’ve done Italy before…
    My biggest tip: enjoy yourself. You won’t remember overpaying for a cab or saying something wrong, but you’ll always regret skipping something you wanted to see or do.
    Also make sure to ask people if there’s a Pizza Hut around just to enjoy their reactions.

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