the house hunt.


There are some key life points that you hit which make you really feel like an adult. Paying off your student loans. Figuring out the electric and gas bills. Leaving the bar early because the average age is 22. And then there are those big purchases like a home. Well, I’ve hit that point. I’m on the house hunt.

It’s a good thing I’ve been sucked into HGTV marathons for years now because that is valuable info when trying to find a house to buy. I had my own first episode of House Hunters this past weekend. Ya know, you see the pictures online from what your realtor sent. You fall in love with the pictures and can’t stop picturing yourself there. Then you see it in person and think my god what a dump. Lesson one: pictures are deceiving, do not trust them.

I’ll be honest. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be looking for or asking during a showing. I mean, I can search on pinterest all I want for first-time home buyer’s guides, but all that goes out the window when I’m in the house. I’m supposed to look for cracks, but what kind of crack are we talking? The yard slopes, what exactly does that mean for me? The realtor says some things are going to need to be replaced, so who’s buying? There are three dogs incessantly barking at me from the neighbor’s house behind, how do I get rid of them? Those kinds of things. Lesson two: write your questions down.

So, yes, while searching for a home may make you feel all adult-like, actually going to see the house may make you feel like a small child who has no idea what you’re getting yourself into. Lesson three: accept that you have no idea what you’re doing.

Hey, Property brothers, I’m close enough to Canada, come down and help a girl out.


One thought on “the house hunt.

  1. gotchaguide says:

    Great post Lauren! I’m writing a book about the gotchas and psychology of homebuying, and would love to hear more first-hand house hunting and home buying experiences from you or others. With or without quoting you by name, whichever you prefer of course! Feel free to contact me at gotchaguide *at* Best of luck, Earl Williams, Ph.D.

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