the expert gift giver.

I can’t be the only one who struggles with gift giving during the holidays, right? I never know what to get, how much to spend, or how to wrap (and I will not pay extra for the store to do it for me!). Ya know how there is always that one friend or family member who is the expert gift giver? The one who just happens to give the perfect gift, and brushes it off like it was no big deal? Who also wraps it perfectly and adds those fancy ribbons that you can never get off? That’s not me, that is the opposite of me. People open my gifts, and I give a half smile/shrug because I have no clue if they’ll like/want/need/hate the thing in front of them.

I also hate christmas shopping, mostly because I just wander around the store for hours until I stumble upon something worth giving. I also get easily distracted by anything fuzzy soft, like I have to touch it…rub it a little. I have wrapped myself in sherpa fabric at a Michael’s store before. I’m not really a planner or a list-maker, but I’m sure the expert gift giver is. And coupons, always coupons.

They do say it’s better to give than receive, well I say it’s better to give giftcards than to receive crap gifts. Here’s a card with money on it, go get what you really want. Hey, it saves us both time. Maybe put the card in a box inside of a box then wrap that if the person wants to ‘open’ something. Or get an old box from some fancy electronic device and put the card in there if you’ve got a jokester in the bunch. Then you can say ‘jokes on you son…of god, aka baby jesus aka CHRISTMAS!’

Ok, I’ll just be over here in the corner watching Home Alone for the 845th time. Byeeee.


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