music these days…

I’m the type of person who is constantly looking for new music because I get bored with what I have, mostly because I play my latest downloaded songs on repeat for about five weeks straight. My way of finding new stuff is to go on the top songs of itunes, listen to the snippet, and then illegally download it (shhh, who hasn’t?!). In the past year I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find ‘good’ new music. I may sound like an 80 year old here, but have you heard the crap that’s out there now?? Does taste mean nothing to ‘musicians’? Does autotune have to exist in every song? Do I have to hear a song I love be mutilated by a new artist? I suck at singing, I have zero musical abilities, but I’m sure if I alter my voice on the computer, make up a stupid song about cheetos, and post it to youtube with an even dumber video, I’d have a hit in three days. Ugh.

For me, 90s music is my jam. I’m talking everything from grunge to pop to boy band to hip hop and back again. Good stuff. Kids these days will never know good music like I did, though I’m sure every generation says this. I enjoy music from just about every decade up until this current one which is what, the 2010s, just the 10s, the 2K10s? I don’t know, but it’s awful. Also, there is this new thing called EDM which, as a huge hockey fan, I thought stood for Edmonton. I’m so out of touch.

Have a song suggestion for me? Leave it in the comments, I’d greatly appreciate anything new, as long as it isn’t Taylor Swift ohhhh I said it!


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