isn’t that ironic…

I’ve been away for a bit doing big adult things that I didn’t think I’d ever be doing. I applied, interviewed, and landed a new job. Just like that. Which is ironic considering my last post was titled ‘someone’s supposed to hire us‘.

Yes, I will be starting a brand new job next month. I’m packing all of my things to move back in…with…my parents. BUT only for a short time, because that other big adult thing I did was contact the bank for a mortgage loan person helper guy. He told me I’m financially ready to buy a house. Which sounds ridiculous. Me. A homeowner. I haven’t even rescued my future cat yet.

But, that seems to be how things work out now. All of a sudden. One minute you’re pretending to be a college ‘senior’, the next you’re accepting a position titled Assistant Director. I have become someone. Shoot.

Adulthood smacks you right in the face. Don’t ya think?


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