someone’s supposed to hire us…

I’m fortunate that I landed my current job while I was in grad school so I never had to do the whole job search/resume build/hey hire me people thing. But, I’m now looking to move back to my hometown, and that means finding a new job. Those people weren’t kidding when they talked about how difficult it is out there. I’ve got six+ years of experience with two degrees, and some places won’t even consider me for a phone interview. What gives?

Ohh right, I know what gives because I’ve been on the opposite end. Sometimes these ‘postings’ are just for show because they have a person in mind but due to a technicality, must do a search. Sometimes places want to hire their own so an outsider may never even have a shot.

If that’s the case, then how are we supposed to get hired? How are we supposed to know if a job posting is ‘real’ or not? How do we even have a chance?! I’ve chalked it up to a perfect combo of luck and timing. Both things that you cannot practice or acquire. Ya just have to be the lucky one.

I found a bit of luck myself because I have a phone interview this week. I’ve never done one before so this should be interesting. I’m hoping the group doesn’t hang up as soon as they hear a small child-like voice coming from their speaker.

I swear I’m an adult!


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