the roadblock.


It’s a given that at some point after college you’ll hit a roadblock. Whether it’s a creative one, a life one, a relationship one, or an actual block in the road, it’s inevitable. There are a few ways people deal with such obstacles. There’s the ‘eat your feelings‘ approach, which I prefer via tacos or goldfish crackers. There’s the ‘shut the world out‘ approach, which can be done by not leaving the house for days and binge watching Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes because why not nostalgia. You’ve got the ‘I just need a good cry‘ approach, which should probably be done at the same time as your not leaving the house because have you seen yourself after a sobfest? That takes days to recover from, the same goes for the ‘drink away the problems‘ approach, because we’re old now and hangovers suck the life out of you for 72 hours.

Yes, yes we all deal with the roadblock in different ways, but knowing you’re not the only one seems to help me the most. Isn’t that why most of us blog about it anyway? So that we can read someone else’s words and think they get me. Or you can read your own words and think I’ve nailed this.

So, let’s pick up that traffic cone, or if you’re not that bold, take that detour. It’s a tow away zone for us to work this life out. It’s a four way stop for us to…ok I’m done now. Yield.


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