the youths.


Now that we’re in the clear from our teenage years, we can easily slip into judging that generation. We’re older. We undoubtedly know more. And we have garnered enough experience to say ‘kids these days’. Delinquents. Tweens. Small children.

We had to pay our dues though. I remember being in stores as a pre-teen/teenager and watching the employees stare me down, almost daring me to steal something. Adults expected us to do bad things and make stupid decisions. And there I was trying to make them see I was a mature, albeit still stupid, teen who could shop without the lifting.

Now that the tables have turned, I find myself doing the exact thing I hated as a kid. Ugh, the youths with their fangirling/boying(?) and lack of respect for anything. Ick, the children with their self absorbed pictures and lack of sense about the world. Bleh, high schoolers with their corrupt souls and youtube videos.

Maybe it’s because we had to endure the same things as a kid that have made us see them a certain way. I admit, I cringe and roll my eyes as I pass tweens in the store. So adult of me, I know. I should be focusing on the baby geniuses who currently spearhead their own business empires, develop charities, or are being recruited by NASA. The really great kids who will lead our country one day. Instead, I classify them as juveniles who will never truly know the song back that azz up like we did.

“A player hater flipper, yeah.”



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