the vacation.


After you’re accrued enough vacation days, and have been at your job long enough that it’s ok to take some days off, you can start planning a getaway. We’re no longer talking about cheap hotels, overcrowded rooms, and budget meals. We have ‘big kid’ jobs, therefore we can afford three-star hotels, one roommate, and the all-you-can-eat buffet.

The vacation also doesn’t necessarily mean raging clubs and funnels on the beach. College life is over. We can now vacay luxuriously with overpriced cocktails, pillowed loungers, and sophisticated e-books. Yes, somehow we went from twenty-something to middle age rather quickly. I know I want my peace and quiet rather than an all night bender. Yup, old. Times have changed.

Another thing that happens on our ‘new’ vacations is that we semi-constantly check our email. Yes, while we may have left work for a week, we may not have the bravado to fully remove ourselves from the job. Sure, I’ll check my email, but I won’t respond. Instead, I’ll sulk for moment about the work I have to do, complain for another moment about the person emailing me, and then take one final moment to say I won’t check the thing again. Repeat after one hour.

So, we may spend a bit more money than we intended for our summer vacations, at least we’ll be worry free for an hour or so. And what a happy hour that will be.


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