the maturity level.


Maturity is one of those funny things that people seem to always have differing opinions about. Someone will always think you’re mature while someone else will always think you’re immature. There really is no in between. The other day I was watching some of my favorite youtubers, who happen to be my age, playing a drinking game based on fart noises. They were laughing hysterically, and I was amused. A small child in the comments said something like ‘they’re almost 30 and laughing at farts’. I was so tempted to say ‘child, the real world is an awful place and once you grow up some you’ll realize you want to retain the fun things from your childhood before reality eats away at your soul‘ but thought that may be a bit much.

Soul eating aside, as a semi-adult it is still fun for us to do say/do stupid things that make us laugh uncontrollably. We’re not miserable all of the time. We’re not boring just because we’re not in school anymore. We like fun.

It has really been a lose-lose situation with maturity. The maturity level always seems to fluctuate. When you’re a kid trying to be mature, you’re told not to be and to enjoy your youth. When you’re a young adult trying to be mature, you’re told you need get your act together and be an adult. When you’re an adult, I’m assuming you’ll be told to let loose and enjoy a bit of immaturity. And when you’re a senior citizen, well, you can do whatever the hell you want to do and no one can say anything about it.

Well played, grandparents. We could learn a thing or seven from you.


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