the awkward family wedding.


Once you hit the age when everyone decides to get married, you will find your weekends booked and your bank account dwindling. Friends weddings are usually fun and sometimes a bit of a mess. Family weddings, though, are an entirely different breed.

The awkward family wedding may be a rite of passage for every twenty-something. A time to cringe, suck it up, and concede to the inquisitive aunts and uncles… ‘what are you doing with your life? where are your kids? will you come visit?’  There also tends to be the creep factor. I’m talking about those people who aren’t related to you, i.e. family friends who you’ve known for years, who now see the ‘adult’ you. They may comment on how grown you are, how beautiful you’ve become, or how you could possibly still be single. Apparently, they also make inappropriate comments like how ‘hot’ you are or simply just longingly stare at you (true story from this month’s wedding).

Thankfully, the bride and groom are having the time of their lives while we fend for ourselves in the battleground of assigned seating. Instead of enjoying the open bar and dance-offs, we’re discussing tactics of either hiding or banding together against said family members/creepsters.

Suit up, it’s going to be a long wedding season.


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