the new summertime.


Summer is fast approaching, and for working twenty-somethings that means, well…more work. Years of being conditioned to impatiently wait for school to let out and summer vacation to begin make the transition to adulthood a bit difficult. We were used to unemployment, sleeping until noon, and asking parents for money on the weekends. You do that now, and you’re called ‘a recent college graduate’. Ha. Jokes.

Nope, the summers now have a different meaning. Vacations depend on if you have enough days off and/or enough money. Daily sun bathing depends on how quickly you can get home from work before the sun goes down. Bonfires cannot occur during the week because you can’t stay awake long enough. And weekends are reserved for weddings because summer means ‘let’s all get married’.

Negatives aside, you will find some positives about the new summertime. We don’t have reading lists to complete. We can hit up a happy hour right after work on any given day of the week. We can rent a car on vacations. We don’t have to go to summer school if we failed a chemistry final by two points, still bitter about that one. Summer flings are easier thanks to tinder. And we can do what we want when we want…well, as long as it fits within our work schedule.

So, onward! What did we always say as kids?..’let’s make this the best summer eva’! Sigh.


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