the work life.


Once you get into the swing of things around the office, you may find that there may be days of pure chaos. When you’re young and new to the workplace, you tend to get the short end of the stick. People seem to think ‘oh, let the new kid do it‘, and they know you’ll do it simply because you’re fortunate enough to even have that job. You’re eager to please with a real thirst for actual money either to pay off your student loans, or move out of your parents house…maybe even both.

With the work life, you’ll most likely be doing more for less. Apparently, that’s just the standard now for us millennials. At first, it’s all rose colored glasses, rainbows, peaches, and any other pastel colored cliche you can think of. You’ve landed the job, you’re ready to show people what you can do, the world is your oyster and not just one that you’ll eat on those fancy vacas you’re already planning. But, at some point, you’ll come down from that high, it’s inevitable really. Aggravations will happen. You’ll miss your college life. But, you’re a big kid now, and it’s time to do work.

Hey, we can’t all be young and stupid forever…or can we, Lohan?


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