the spring break.


Every year thousands of college students head someplace warm for their proverbial “spring break”. They even made an awful movie about it called Spring Breakers that was all arrests, seizure-like camera movements, and threesomes. While I never went anywhere for break in college, I have watched it on tv, therefore am quite a knowledgeable source.

The spring break that I know consists of good looking people grinding with each other on a beach while holding solo cups and screaming at carson daily to play the thong song. Ok, so things may have changed since then, but the concept is still the same: crazy college kids doing crazy things. I would love to go to cancun during spring break now as a late 20 something. Can you imagine the looks on kids faces if us ‘old folk’ joined them in debauchery and beer pong?

Nope, our time for spring break has come and gone. Now, we spend it in an office, pale and sunless, waiting for 5 o’clock so we can head out to a happy hour somewhere and reminisce about the good ole college days. Live it up kids, you may only get to go on a spring break once, but if you do it right, and don’t end up in jail or expire yourself, once is enough.



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