the new friendships.


‘Older you’ has accumulated a variety of friendships over the past twenty-some years. You may have groups of friends from elementary, middle, or high school. You may have the college group, former roommates, or grad school friends. You may even have longtime family friends, childhood buds, or a neighborhood gang. Granted, you may not speak to all of these groups on a regular basis, but they’re still somewhat present in your life.

It’s kind of hard to imagine having the same things in common as someone you were best friends with in kindergarten. Times change, people change, you change. You’ll have the people who are so stuck in the past that they only talk about high school related things, which was yearrrrrss ago now. Or, you’ll have people who haven’t really accomplished much since graduating college, so they think they’re still in college. Kegger, you say?

As we continue to grow older, the friendships we’ve maintained slowly begin to morph. The new friendships may now include fiancés, spouses, even itty bitty babies. While that somewhat creeps me out, and makes me not want to hang out with said friends because I am that person that still wishes we were young and in college, I’ve come to terms with it as best I can. It hasn’t been over-easy. That was awful, my mind is fried. I did it again. Ah.



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