the tinder thing.


I caved, and decided to try the tinder thing. It’s this ridiculous ‘dating’ app that lets you choose a significant other solely based on their facebook profile pictures. Shallow, yes. Not a great indicator of a future relationship, indeed. You either select x or on the people ya fancy. You’ll only get to talk to people that you’ve been ‘matched’ with, rather someone hearted you and you hearted them. A match made in sweet, sweet tinder heaven.

There are a few key indicators that make one, aka me, select ‘x’ immediately. If a guy throws up a peace sign, x. If a guy takes a bathroom mirror selfie and the toilet is clearly in the background, x. If a guy has a profile picture of him and his wife at their wedding, x, and yes that really happens.

I suppose the app is intended to be like the bar scene. You’re surveying the crowd, eyeing ones you find attractive, then either going in for the kill or hiding behind a drink, or a friend. It’s simplified that approach by conveniently packaging all of the eligible singles in your area, or in some cases not-so-single-singles, for your viewing pleasure. It will either make you cringe or smile, ok mostly cringe, but hey, your future partner may just be a heart shaped click away. Woo, love.


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