the olympics.


I love the olympics. It’s a time for the world to come together. To watch our nations’ best compete for historical glory. To wear our country’s colors and cheer. It’s also a time where I think about how little I’ve done in life as I’m watching a 15 year-old skate for gold. Yup, there’s nothing like seeing children who’ve trained all of their lives for this moment to make me feel less accomplished in life.

You have to give all of the credit to these athletes. I mean, who decides at 4 years old that they want to slide face down an ice coated hill over 100mph with the threat of death looming. Seriously, skeleton is no joke. The name even sounds frightening. I can’t picture my small child self choosing that as the olympic sport of my dreams, but hey, more power to those that do.

I also love how in america we show so much national pride…but only every four years. In the meantime, we’re too busy complaining about our country rather than throwing on the red, white, and blue and belting out ‘born in the usa‘. ‘Murica, right? So, enjoy this time, and read the awesome news stories of our olympic hopefuls as they’ll soon be replaced by famous-for-no-reason celebrities and viral videos right after the olympics are over.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


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