the past you.

While sometimes it may not seem like it, we really have grown since our exit out of our teens. The amount of self-discovery over the years is quite evident. You know a hell of a lot more now than the past you.

For example; you now know that spending all of that money from your refund check back in college meant that you eventually had to pay it back with your own hard earned money, it wasn’t free like you thought. Or those incriminating, yet hilarious, photos that you loved to post online meant implications for future, professional, you. 10 year facebook movie, anyone?

You also now know that the people you put up with simply because they were your ‘friends’, are no longer in your life for good reasons. And that the ending to Lost still doesn’t make any sense. It would have been a lot easier knowing these things way back then, but that’s not really how life works is it?

Knowledge. See, I did learn something with six years of college and two degrees.


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