the party life.


Remember in college when parties were one of the best things ever. The thrill of victory that came from shooting things into cups. The swarms of people standing idly by, making it impossible to use the bathroom. A rush of terror if someone mentioned the word COPS!

Imagine if you tried to party like you used to. Drinks flowing, music blasting, random people being random, trying to bust a move or four. Yea, the club can’t even handle you right now, and not in a good way. Really, your body can’t quite handle it anymore; see — the hangover or the changing body.

Nowadays, we take things a bit slower, and with a touch more class. We make dips and desserts for our parties. We play board games. We have semi-intellectual discussions. We drink craft beers and middle shelf liquor. Yup, that’s the party life we live now. And I sort of don’t mind it.

How ‘adult’ of me.


One thought on “the party life.

  1. Em says:

    Haha love it! And so true! As I approach 26, I think of myself as a much classier lady getting a little tipsy over a few glasses of wine rather than sorority, girly drinks. (Although I can’t always hate on my cosmos). 😉

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