the changing body.


Time does not seem to be as friendly to us as we begin aging in our twenties. Seriously. Yes, we’re still young, but things are happening, physically. While we may feel mentally younger, our bodies, sadly, may not be experiencing that same phenomenon. Things are expanding, sagging, graying, wrinkling. While some of these may not appear right away on the outside, inside, it’s slowly happening.

In some strange mutant-like phase, the body’s healing and recovery time have severely decreased. I’ve always wanted an ‘x-gene’, but I didn’t think it would be this. I’d probably be given the x-man name ‘dilapidate’ for my awesome superpower of quickly aging myself. Yea, I don’t think that would be much help to the team.

Though we may try to do things like eat healthy, work out, or attempt some level of physical activity, the sad reality is that the changing body is in fact changing. We can’t quite move like we used to, or bounce back as quickly. We may even start to ache in places for no reason. But hey, we have great things to look forward to; like retirement, senior citizen discounts, or those hover rounds. I kid, I kid.


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