the new gossip.

We’ve entered a time period where news travels faster thanks to the unfortunate thing that is facebook. We’re no longer passing notes, making phone calls, or riding our bikes to spread news. No, now it’s a keyboard stroke away, actually no, that’s also dated…more like a finger swipe away.

But, the type of news has changed. The shock value of old headlines like ‘___ has a crush on you’, ‘__ hooked up with ___’, or ‘___ got kicked out of school‘ are long gone. The new gossip now consists of important facts like who is pregnant, who has died, or who is already getting divorced. Yes, we’re that old, and that far removed from adolescent youth, that we actually morbidly discuss who we know has died. And here I mock my parents for scanning the obituaries on a daily basis. There is also some happiness for someone having a baby, which has come a long away from hearing the joyous cries in the bathroom stall of the girls dorm. Indeed, that would really happen.

We are older. For most of us, priorities have changed. I’m less concerned with what others are doing, and more concerned about what I’ve got lined up on netflix. Like the saying goes ‘imma do me‘. See, I can still hang.


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