the single woman.

There comes a time in a single woman’s life when she begins to own it. To discover new things. To embrace flaws. To celebrate life. And to not give a damn about what others think. Single ladies in their twenties tend to get a lot of negative comments from family, friends, or sometimes even strangers. Those negatives can include, but should not be limited to; not having a husband, not starting a family, not bothering to attract a partner, questions about sexual orientation, or counting down the ticks of that ridiculous biological clock. People tend to get a little crazy about the single woman in her twenties. They tend to get even crazier when said woman is proud and strong.

Though, some women may claim that we are just ‘hiding feelings of loneliness’, and that we really aren’t ‘content with our lives’ sans a significant other. You can’t please everyone. There will always be someone who has an issue with something. But, we shouldn’t worry about that. It’s minuscule in the grand scheme of things that has become our lives.

Take it with a grain of salt, or simply shake it like a salt shaker, it is your life after all.


2 thoughts on “the single woman.

  1. Ola Allam says:

    I love this post!! I am 20 and turning 21 soon. I am single and happy with my life, and I am not ready for commitment yet. I get criticized a lot about this. Even my mom keeps telling me “Have you found someone?” “your friends are getting engaged, when is it going to be your turn?”…etc. It’s really annoying! And they won’t believe me when I say I am okay with it!

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