the in-between.

There comes a time after you’ve graduated, left the college campus, and entered the world of student loans, where you find yourself in an odd state. Not physically, though that could happen if you’ve managed to score a job, but more mentally. You’re no longer a student, but not quite a working adult. You’re an old alum at college, and the new kid at work. There seems to be only the in-between.

And while I take full advantage of this limbo, i.e. lying about my age, making up a ridiculous major, and/or getting free tickets with my old school ID, there are plenty of disadvantages as well. How do employers plan on taking us seriously when they still view us as mindless college kids? How are we supposed to get ahead in our careers when coworkers think we’re the college interns? It’s like we’re playing dress up. Yes, we look the part of a ‘job owner’, but we’re still young and stupid, at least according to everyone else.

It’s an endless cycle that every grad must endure. Like initiation to some not-so-secret, a skull above any other, type of society thing. You just have to get through it. And continue to use your ID for free stuff. I mean, we live by the rules, we die by the rules, right? Too much?





One thought on “the in-between.

  1. Michael Lin says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I’m figuring out everything in the “in-between” now so we’ll see how that goes! Great post.

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