the facebook overshare.

According to the social media person at my work, young kids these days aren’t on facebook. They actually don’t even know what it is, or if they do, they say it’s for old people…a.k.a us. And I see what those kids mean by that.

What used to be a fun college site to creep on crushes, and find new ‘friends’ has turned into what I like to call the facebook overshare. Who wants to read about your medical history, uninformed opinions, and/or overly dramatic situations? All the cares are gone when I have to see a long, drawn out post about what you had for dinner. Status updates are now grammatically incorrect paragraphs about political, religious, and/or self-righteous views.

I find myself wanting to copy and paste ‘cool story bro, tell it again‘ on every awful status I see. And I don’t even use that phrase, but it seems appropriate. On facebook, everything is a big deal. You had to get your car fixed today and it was a hassle? Greeeat. You know there are people sick and dying out there, but oh no, your ‘bad day’ is a priority that you just had to share.

Have some perspective, adults. The kids are starting to look like intellectuals compared to us.



3 thoughts on “the facebook overshare.

  1. Susanne says:

    I totally agree! I left Facebook but rejoined because it is so convenient for me for keeping in touch with friends in other countries. But lately I just find myself being annoyed at it because people are sooo boring. I guess I’ll stay there though for the convenience and those special friends.

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