the new year.


Well, here we are in 2014. Another year to make a list of resolutions that we’ll work on for about a week, and then ‘forget’ to actually do them. What makes January 1st the reason that people should create a completely new version of themselves? I mean, I get it. It’s the start of the new year. A fresh beginning. But, if you think that you have too many bad habits why haven’t you been trying to fix them for the past 365 days?

Personally, I don’t make any resolutions because I know I never stick to them. Take last night for example, I laid on the couch eating cheetos for hours. Obviously, I have no fitness aspirations for the upcoming year. People talk so much about change at the start of a new year. Maybe I’ll part my hair differently. Or use my opposite hand for things. That way, when people ask what’s different about me, I can say ‘ohhh that? it’s the new meeee for 2014!‘.

Yea, I think I’ll just change my cheetos flavor instead.


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