the approach.


It’s always been a humorous thing to watch girls and guys try to approach one another in some form of introduction/flirtation. In your twenties, it just becomes lazy. And it becomes even lazier in the online world of dating.

When you’re younger, the game of will s-he/won’t s-he is a constant battle. A hard-fought series of awkward encounters. After you’ve experienced the playing field a bit more, you come to know what to expect from the approach. In college, drinks play a major role in this debacle. The surge of confidence which drinks can provide makes the first encounter a lot easier, but may lead to a morning bout of poor decisions.

After college, the game has morphed into a haphazard attempt at striking up a conversation with a stranger. We’re adults now. That ‘what’s your major‘ line isn’t going to work any longer. A bit of effort needs to be put in. Some seem to turn to the ‘what do you do for a living‘ line as a more mature approach to the college major question. It’s still boring, and something that I know I don’t really want to talk about. Ask me something fun, or do something spontaneous. Odds are I’m sitting here at happy hour trying to forget the work week I just had, not engage in conversation about it.

The online approach is probably the laziest, most hilarious form of meeting someone that I’ve ever come across. For some reason, sitting behind a computer, typing away, creates a false sense of bravado for people. Bold statements, pathetic pick up lines, and indecent pictures tend to be the norm. Seriously. Try it out…if you’re game.


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