the big kids table.


The holiday season is upon us. And with that comes the insufferable task of explaining your singleness/work-life/future with your relatives. Yes, you may have moved on to the big kids table, but you still have to sit through awkward conversations, even about yourself while you sit within earshot.

I can never eat my favorite holiday meal in peace because there’s a revolving door of aunts and uncles asking why I haven’t brought a boyfriend to dinner yet, or why I haven’t moved back home yet. When am I going to get a different job, or start a family? Hmm, why does my life have to be the topic of conversation?

But, that’s the holidays, isn’t it. A time where family comes together for meaningless chatter and boasting about who did what better. I’m sure the year I come, boyfriend in tow, will be the year that all the minds are blown. And, I can finish my cranberries in pure, delicious, silence.

Until then, I’ll just be thankful that I’ll have 27 days before I have to do it all over again.


2 thoughts on “the big kids table.

  1. EuphonicCharity says:

    Once you start bringing a boyfriend, it will turn into, “Why aren’t you married yet?” And “Why don’t you have kids yet?” and other such questions. There will always be some lack that they will feel obligated to bring to your attention to help you resolve. ^_^

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