the budget.

In college, you got money from refund checks, and/or your parents, and/or a part-time job. During this time, frugality was commonplace. But, somehow, we made do. Kind of like a zombie apocalypse. We were scavengers. Trading for food, textbooks, clothing. It was a way of living that can take a while to leave your system. 

Nowadays, we may have full-time jobs with an actual salary, and yet we still refuse to buy things at full price. Maybe it’s because we’re still paying hundreds of dollars a month to student loan companies. But, we got an affordable education, riggght. We still need the budget.

Since I’m older, I’ve found that discount sections are my friends. I constantly buy things I don’t need because it’s on clearance. I go grocery shopping on a budget, trying to factor in how many leftovers I can get from one meal. And, I get excited for gifts like appliances, or free meals at work conferences. These are life skills I’m sure I acquired from those collegiate years. 

These may be troubling economic times, but I’m sure we’ll make it through. Double tap. 


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