the single life.



A funny thing happens when you hit the quarter life point and you’re still single. People think it’s perfectly acceptable to ask you questions like ‘why are you single’, ‘how come you’re not with someone’, ‘when are you going to start a family’, ‘are you going to be forever alone‘? Ok, maybe we ask ourselves that last one, but there is truth to the rest. These questions are especially abundant during the holiday season.

Apparently, your twenties are the deciding decade for you to find a compatible partner, get married, start a family, and then… Well, that seems to be it. You’ve accomplished everything that people ask you about. Picket fence, check.

I believe the mid-twenties single population is divided into three categories: happily single (me!), miserably-single-must-find-my-life-partner-now-anyone-please, or could care less. You’ve got the people that are content with their life at the moment, not worrying that their ‘biological clock’ is dying a slow death, and focusing on the now. You’ve got the people who are urgently trying to find the love of their life in any way possible via online dating, meet-ups, or completely random (what are the odds!) run-ins…right. And you’ve got the people who just don’t really care that much. Whichever category you fall under is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s what you want when you want it.

I must admit, the single life is good to me. So, the next time someone asks why it is that I’m single, I’ll just have to go with: ‘I think I’m just really crazy and have a ton of issues but my nine cats are totally ok with it. Byeeee’.


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