the unknown.


Why is it that we are supposed to have a major life plan once we’ve hit our mid twenties? Why can’t my plan be: I’m going to get chinese for dinner and watch marathon episodes of Breaking Bad? My plan is for the now. The big life things that I’m supposed to be doing are taking an awfully long time to show themselves. I’m more concerned with getting through the work day, figuring out what groceries I need to buy for the week, and then coming up with plans for the weekend so that I’m not bored. Life plan? Please.

These supposed ‘life rules’ that have been in place for generations do not have to apply to me. Why is it so taboo to go against what I should be doing by this age? The fact is, we are facing the unknown. Not quite sure what is out there for us. And that is perfectly ok.

Really, if someone has their life plan figured out by 25, is it really their plan, or just the plan that was set in place for them by others? Again, just another unknown.


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