the binge watching.

In a follow up to my last post about the downtime, I thought it was appropriate to mention the binge watching of tv shows. Yes, since we’re semi-adults and do semi-big life things, we have enough time to sit on the couch for ten hours watching marathon episodes of tv shows. I mean, what else would we be doing on a friday night after returning home from happy hour?

Case in point: Game of Thrones. I spent the last week obsessing over watching every single episode of the series. You know why? Because, I could. I finished three seasons in one week. It wasn’t easy, but it was the most dedication and effort I’ve put in to something since, well, Breaking Bad. Had a lunch break at work; GOT. Reheated food for days so I didn’t waste time cooking; GOT. Had time to nap, nope; GOT.

Some may say watching tv is pointless, that you should find something constructive to do. But hey, I’m learning things here. Dracarys. That’s another language. And there’s more where that came from. Burn.

To quote the great Kevin McCallister, “I’m ten years old, TV is my life.

the downtime.


After you graduate college, you find that you have a lot of free time. You’re no longer cramming for tests, pulling all-nighters, or going to multiple parties in one evening. You no longer have a bunch of friends charging into your room at any given time with food and drinks. No, life has slowed down a bit. So much so, that the downtime can be a bit daunting. We’re talking hours upon hours of having nothing to do once the work day ends.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome feeling at first. Relaxation is plentiful. Stress is at a minimum. But, there are only so many naps you can take in a day. There are only so many shows that you need to catch up on. There are only so many lives on those games with the weird looking candies. Only so many coronaritas you can have on a Taco Tuesday before you get too sleepy.

Sure, I could keep busy by doing things like hitting the gym, reading a few young adult novels, or brushing up on current events, ya know, the obvious choices for a girl who eats all day at her desk and watches movies every chance she gets. Maybe we just need hobbies to keep us busy. Like writing a blog about really random things, or watching a livestream of foster kittens, no? Just me?


the spring break.


Every year thousands of college students head someplace warm for their proverbial “spring break”. They even made an awful movie about it called Spring Breakers that was all arrests, seizure-like camera movements, and threesomes. While I never went anywhere for break in college, I have watched it on tv, therefore am quite a knowledgeable source.

The spring break that I know consists of good looking people grinding with each other on a beach while holding solo cups and screaming at carson daily to play the thong song. Ok, so things may have changed since then, but the concept is still the same: crazy college kids doing crazy things. I would love to go to cancun during spring break now as a late 20 something. Can you imagine the looks on kids faces if us ‘old folk’ joined them in debauchery and beer pong?

Nope, our time for spring break has come and gone. Now, we spend it in an office, pale and sunless, waiting for 5 o’clock so we can head out to a happy hour somewhere and reminisce about the good ole college days. Live it up kids, you may only get to go on a spring break once, but if you do it right, and don’t end up in jail or expire yourself, once is enough.


the celebrity pedestal.


So, the Oscars were this past weekend, and the only things I can seem to remember about them are selfies and pizza. Oh those celebs, see they are just like us. Eyeroll. Of course they’re like us, they’re people, not statues forged out of pure gold.

The celebrity pedestal is one of those things that has always been there, though I’m not really sure why. Forget service men and women, or local heroes, or even figures who’ve shaped our existence, nope I’m going to idolize a person who played said people in a movie. It’s a sad thing when you really think about it, that famous celebrities are constantly getting our attention in the news, yet we overlook war, crisis, famine, death…the economy…the world.

But still, people are constantly looking for their 15 minutes of fame, or that one youtube video that will make them go viral (hate that word). It’s incredibly stupid. Obviously, fame has not been a good thing for many celebrities, aka check all of those child stars who grew up either crazy, locked up, or dead. Looks to be one of those ‘you want what you can’t have’ deals.

Hey, if that’s what you want, at least to some degree, then let me quote, if I may, Mizz Britney Spears: “You wanna live fancy, Live in a big mansion, Party in France, You better work bitch”.