the youths.


Now that we’re in the clear from our teenage years, we can easily slip into judging that generation. We’re older. We undoubtedly know more. And we have garnered enough experience to say ‘kids these days’. Delinquents. Tweens. Small children.

We had to pay our dues though. I remember being in stores as a pre-teen/teenager and watching the employees stare me down, almost daring me to steal something. Adults expected us to do bad things and make stupid decisions. And there I was trying to make them see I was a mature, albeit still stupid, teen who could shop without the lifting.

Now that the tables have turned, I find myself doing the exact thing I hated as a kid. Ugh, the youths with their fangirling/boying(?) and lack of respect for anything. Ick, the children with their self absorbed pictures and lack of sense about the world. Bleh, high schoolers with their corrupt souls and youtube videos.

Maybe it’s because we had to endure the same things as a kid that have made us see them a certain way. I admit, I cringe and roll my eyes as I pass tweens in the store. So adult of me, I know. I should be focusing on the baby geniuses who currently spearhead their own business empires, develop charities, or are being recruited by NASA. The really great kids who will lead our country one day. Instead, I classify them as juveniles who will never truly know the song back that azz up like we did.

“A player hater flipper, yeah.”


the vacation.


After you’re accrued enough vacation days, and have been at your job long enough that it’s ok to take some days off, you can start planning a getaway. We’re no longer talking about cheap hotels, overcrowded rooms, and budget meals. We have ‘big kid’ jobs, therefore we can afford three-star hotels, one roommate, and the all-you-can-eat buffet.

The vacation also doesn’t necessarily mean raging clubs and funnels on the beach. College life is over. We can now vacay luxuriously with overpriced cocktails, pillowed loungers, and sophisticated e-books. Yes, somehow we went from twenty-something to middle age rather quickly. I know I want my peace and quiet rather than an all night bender. Yup, old. Times have changed.

Another thing that happens on our ‘new’ vacations is that we semi-constantly check our email. Yes, while we may have left work for a week, we may not have the bravado to fully remove ourselves from the job. Sure, I’ll check my email, but I won’t respond. Instead, I’ll sulk for moment about the work I have to do, complain for another moment about the person emailing me, and then take one final moment to say I won’t check the thing again. Repeat after one hour.

So, we may spend a bit more money than we intended for our summer vacations, at least we’ll be worry free for an hour or so. And what a happy hour that will be.

the maturity level.


Maturity is one of those funny things that people seem to always have differing opinions about. Someone will always think you’re mature while someone else will always think you’re immature. There really is no in between. The other day I was watching some of my favorite youtubers, who happen to be my age, playing a drinking game based on fart noises. They were laughing hysterically, and I was amused. A small child in the comments said something like ‘they’re almost 30 and laughing at farts’. I was so tempted to say ‘child, the real world is an awful place and once you grow up some you’ll realize you want to retain the fun things from your childhood before reality eats away at your soul‘ but thought that may be a bit much.

Soul eating aside, as a semi-adult it is still fun for us to do say/do stupid things that make us laugh uncontrollably. We’re not miserable all of the time. We’re not boring just because we’re not in school anymore. We like fun.

It has really been a lose-lose situation with maturity. The maturity level always seems to fluctuate. When you’re a kid trying to be mature, you’re told not to be and to enjoy your youth. When you’re a young adult trying to be mature, you’re told you need get your act together and be an adult. When you’re an adult, I’m assuming you’ll be told to let loose and enjoy a bit of immaturity. And when you’re a senior citizen, well, you can do whatever the hell you want to do and no one can say anything about it.

Well played, grandparents. We could learn a thing or seven from you.

the awkward family wedding.


Once you hit the age when everyone decides to get married, you will find your weekends booked and your bank account dwindling. Friends weddings are usually fun and sometimes a bit of a mess. Family weddings, though, are an entirely different breed.

The awkward family wedding may be a rite of passage for every twenty-something. A time to cringe, suck it up, and concede to the inquisitive aunts and uncles… ‘what are you doing with your life? where are your kids? will you come visit?’  There also tends to be the creep factor. I’m talking about those people who aren’t related to you, i.e. family friends who you’ve known for years, who now see the ‘adult’ you. They may comment on how grown you are, how beautiful you’ve become, or how you could possibly still be single. Apparently, they also make inappropriate comments like how ‘hot’ you are or simply just longingly stare at you (true story from this month’s wedding).

Thankfully, the bride and groom are having the time of their lives while we fend for ourselves in the battleground of assigned seating. Instead of enjoying the open bar and dance-offs, we’re discussing tactics of either hiding or banding together against said family members/creepsters.

Suit up, it’s going to be a long wedding season.

the new summertime.


Summer is fast approaching, and for working twenty-somethings that means, well…more work. Years of being conditioned to impatiently wait for school to let out and summer vacation to begin make the transition to adulthood a bit difficult. We were used to unemployment, sleeping until noon, and asking parents for money on the weekends. You do that now, and you’re called ‘a recent college graduate’. Ha. Jokes.

Nope, the summers now have a different meaning. Vacations depend on if you have enough days off and/or enough money. Daily sun bathing depends on how quickly you can get home from work before the sun goes down. Bonfires cannot occur during the week because you can’t stay awake long enough. And weekends are reserved for weddings because summer means ‘let’s all get married’.

Negatives aside, you will find some positives about the new summertime. We don’t have reading lists to complete. We can hit up a happy hour right after work on any given day of the week. We can rent a car on vacations. We don’t have to go to summer school if we failed a chemistry final by two points, still bitter about that one. Summer flings are easier thanks to tinder. And we can do what we want when we want…well, as long as it fits within our work schedule.

So, onward! What did we always say as kids?..’let’s make this the best summer eva’! Sigh.